Choose an immigration program to suit your goals and needs

for residence, employment, business, or education

  • Time frame from 2 weeks
  • No language skills required
  • Opening an account with European banks
  • Guaranteed result under the contract
  • Full legal support

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Why customers choose iWorld

  • Top Immigration Programs

    The company's portfolio includes the most popular residence and citizenship programs, business relocation, profitable investment, opening personal and corporate accounts.

  • High quality service

    Our specialists provide full legal support, provide guaranteed results upon signing of a contract and communicate with clients in different languages.

  • Experienced immigration lawyers

    Our team consists of more than 50 immigration lawyers with extensive experience and thousands of successfully completed cases.

  • Licensed immigration agent

    Our company's activity is notable for legal transparency and client-oriented approach. We cooperate with the governments of different countries with the aim of optimizing conditions and increasing accessibility of residence permit and citizenship programs.

  • We work with the most complex inquiries

    Our immigration lawyers handle cases of varying complexity and find the best solution for each client.

  • Data and procedure confidentiality

    We pay great attention to cyber security, which is why our clients' personal data and transactions are fully protected.

Numbers about us

  • 50+ immigration lawyers
  • 7+ years of relevant experience per employee
  • 24+ countries with a client base
  • 3 offices around the world
  • 8 top programs
  • 3000+ successfully completed cases

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Results of the iWorld team work

By contacting iWorld, you will get:

  • Legal support at all stages of immigration
  • Professional translation and preparation of documents
  • Support during submission of dossiers to state authorities
  • Qualified accounting consultancy
  • Effective solutions to reduce tax burden
  • Assistance in opening bank accounts and compliance consulting
  • Detailed adaptation plan in the new country

Advantages of becoming a resident abroad

  • Free residence, study, work and business abroad
  • Facilitated entry to the EU and Schengen countries, as well as the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.
  • Safe place to live in case of economic and political turbulence

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iWorld activities are covered both by the authoritative international media and by experts in the field of immigration.

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